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Our team of dedicated accredited mediators are here to support families through divorce separation and so much more. Find out what options are available to you and your family and how mediation can help with child access issues, divorce and financial disputes. Speak to our accredited mediators to find out about Legal Aid Support and the Financial Mediation Voucher Scheme.

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UK Family Mediation is a network of mediators across the U.K and offers family mediation support. We offer online mediation, express and urgent MIAM service for quick resolution and out of hours mediation appointments.


Legal Aid and  the Family Voucher Mediation Scheme are also available  with our mediation services to support and over some if not all of your family mediation costs. Speak to the UK family Mediation team today.

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Future Focused Mediation

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In this fast paced, often-troubled society, family mediation offers a way to reduce conflicts that can ultimately escalate to lawsuits and court proceedings.

In the UK,  Family Mediation Service    is typically used between partners ex partners or family members who have some sort of ongoing conflict.

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How Mediation Works

Divorce or separation can bring substantial stress and financial burden. UK Family Mediation Services will help address your parenting, financial, and property disputes fairly and without the need for expensive and painful court battles. Let our team help you envision and reach a brighter way forward.


The process involves talking through all issues affecting family life. This can happen before, during or after any family event, such as divorce or separation.
An impartial mediator can often offer the best chance of moving beyond current difficulties to an improved future and find solutions that work.
Children, in particular, find this communication helps maintain family relationships. Mediation is a fraction of the cost and half the time of relying upon Solicitors.
National Family Mediation Mediators are trained to help untangle the complex web of issues surrounding any family breakdown, find better ways of communicating.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

If you are going through the divorce process, a family mediator can offer practical steps to resolve disputes.

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Questions And Answers

Mediation is an , structured process in  which people enter in a mutually beneficial discussion that helps resolve conflict through the application of mutually acceptable communication and negotiation strategies.

All parties involved are urged to actively engage in the discussion.

Family Mediation can be used to handle any type of dispute resolution, from marital disputes to business disagreements..

If emotions are high you can speak to a family mediator about shuttle mediation this is generally a good course of action for families in crisis.

Sometimes family mediation involves only both partners or families in a difficult relationship but other times family mediation is needed between adult siblings, children, teenage parents or parents and their adult children or grandparents too. Our professionally trained mediator helps all families.

We help create a separation agreement can be arranged to include future relationship agreements with regards to children. To help better future relationships

Family mediation can help with everything from Child access and child arrangement or orders through to all financial matters.

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When a dispute has been identified between both parties and the family mediator, the parties should contact an experienced online mediator who is well versed with various family mediation techniques.

The mediator can also help to set a reasonable fee and can recommend the best way to resolve the matter.

Before the first meeting, both parties should determine if they can work together with an online mediator. This can be done by setting up an initial meeting with the mediator on a regular basis, either online or on the telephone.

They should also ask the mediator if they would be able to provide references.

UK Family Mediation can help with children property financial disputes and more contact us today.

Clients can also request that the mediator to schedule sessions in an hour or two in length. Clients may prefer to have at least one hour of private time with their family mediator council in order to discuss the details and make adjustments. and receive a clearer perspective.

The mediator should also help the clients to come to a consensus on all issues so they can come to an agreement on the matter before they reach a settlement.

Family mediator council are not required to take any legal action to resolve a case, although they may refer the client to an attorney for assistance if they feel strongly about a case.

Families who choose to retain a lawyer for legal advice should inform the mediator about this, but it is not mandatory.

Families can seek out a third-party company that offers a free initial consultation and help them select the right family mediator in .

We offer online Covid 19 safe mediation sessions contact us today for more information.

Some legal representatives may also give legal advice to the families and may act as mediator-for-hire.

This can be a valuable service, because a lawful representative can assist the families to understand the lawful implications of their proposed settlement plan. and negotiate on their behalf for an advantageous settlement for their client.

The legal representative may also be asked to offer advice on the best course of action after the family mediation session is over.

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
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Cost Saving

Our Mediation Service is a fraction of the cost and half the time of relying upon Solicitors and Court or Legal Steps.


Dispute Solutions

Mediators are trained experts who can  help you to untangle complex issues surrounding any family breakdown.



The family mediator’s goal is to create an environment where all families feel heard and understood, while  maintaining the ability to communicate.

UK Family Mediation - Helping You Every Step Of The Way

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