Siblings Raise Inheritance Disputes in Court

Siblings Raise Inheritance Disputes in Court

During a divorce, there are a lot of complications which arise during the process. Divorce is not just a matter of two people deciding to live separately after signing some legal papers. There are a lot of other people involved which have to undergo major changes in their lives.

Those couples who have more than one child face many troubles. One of the main issues which get highlighted in such families in the siblings asking for a share of inherited property and assets. This is the reason why such couples take the help of Family mediators in .

One such example of siblings raising inheritance dispute in court was published in The Telegraph in which a brother and sister had gone to the court in order to settle their dispute over their father’s will. Michael Inch bald, a well-known interior designer, passed away in 2013 at the age of 92.

He made a will in 2007 in which he mentioned some terms. His asset is thought to cost around 20 million which would be shared equally between his son Courtenay and daughter Amanda. Courtenay has made a claim that since his father signed this will during the period when he was suffering from dementia; he was not in a condition to fully understand the content and implication of the will.

He said that his father was not in a mood to give Amanda such a huge sum of money as he was doubtful about-about the way his daughter will handle it. According to Courtenay, his father had signed a will previously in 2005 which should be considered the actual will.

According to this document, Courtenay will get half the amount of money of his father’s wealth but Amanda will not get the other half. Instead, it will be held in trust in her name and she would be able to access the income but not the capital. It would be reverted to Courtney’s son or grandchildren after the death of Amanda. The case was sent to the High Court in England as Amanda says that the 2007 will should be considered the true will of Michael Inch bald.

There was another case in which two siblings were involved and a woman has been awarded the sole possession of her father’s scrapyard. This was reported by The Express.

Her father Fred McGuiness had established a yard from scratch and now it costs around 12 million as far as its development potential is concerned. When he passed away in 1987, he named his entire estate to his wife and when she died, he left everything for her daughter Denise.

There left no provisions for her sons. The suns had challenged by saying that they had worked really hard at the scrap yard for a long time and wished to get a share from their father’s will which would be equally shared by the siblings. The judgment was ruled in the favour of the sister saying that his father had said to him was not enough for constituting a legally enforceable commitment.

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