Preventing or Limiting Contact Between a Parent and a Child

Preventing or Limiting Contact Between a Parent and a Child

There are also cases where a parent wishes to stop or limit contact of the other parent with their children. Now, this is mainly in cases where one party thinks that the other party poses some risks of harm to the child. Also, there are ways through which this can be done.

There are pretty rare cases where a parent can stop the other parent from having contact with the child. This implies you cannot prevent the contact even in cases where your children are not being paid any support from the parent. Also, cases where a parent always gets late in attending to the needs of the children, it is not easy to stop the contact. Also, there are cases where the parent is not regularly visiting his or her children irrespective of the court order demanding so, it is not easy to take ways the contact rights of the parent. See our fees!

So in case, a parent wishes to limit or stop the contact, there is a need to approach a court for the same. You need an order from the judge stating the limiting or stopping of the child contact with the parent.

In special cases where there is intended physical or psychological harm to the children, a parent can take the necessary step for ensuring the safety of the children. In such a case, a parent can approach the court later stating the facts about the risks and asking for an order to limit or stop the contact with the other parent.

Also, a court can pass on the order to limit or stop the contact of a parent in case it finds that the situation is exceptionally adverse for the child with a need for a rigid step to keep the child safe from any risks.

Also before passing such an order, a careful evaluation is done by the judge so that the decision is fair. Also, there are cases where the judge takes a less severe step such as a supervised contact. Also, in cases where it is in the interest of the children, supervised contact can be imposed where the parents are in jail.

Also, a limit contact order from a court can limit the contact. Also, a judge can define the kind of contact being allowed between the child and the parent.

So there can be supervised contact, mediation services {Name}, contact from a distance, or also some creative solutions imposed by the court as per the case.

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