Mediation Helps with Family Matters

Mediate Your Dispute Away

From family situation and home acquisition to construction project and commercial contract, mediation proves to be an efficient, low-cost dispute resolution tool mediate your dispute.

Mediation works by settling a dispute between involved parties through the action of a neutral party or an intermediary. The role of a mediator is to define the conflict and remove the roadblocks to communication.

No matter what the size of the parties involved and the size of the dispute, mediation works by intervening between conflicting parties to promote settlement, compromise, and reconciliation.

Selina Morgan-Gayle is an award-winning mediator currently managing her own company called SMG Mediation Services. It focuses on delivering easy, highly accessible, and top-quality services both for individuals and businesses.

The Uniqueness about SMG Mediation

Productivity, Passion, Positivity, and Perseverance. This is a daily mantra exercise that sets SMG Mediation from other companies. A free 30-minute consultation is also provided for first-time businesses and individuals who want to discuss their legal dispute. Schedule a discussion time according to your most convenient time.

The balance is created in people’s lives is certainly one benefit of being a mediator , and that is also the case with Selina. Though, what she truly loves about her job is that she can assist numerous people about their legal issues and hear the relief in their voice once they’re heard.

SMG Mediation covers a wide range of mediation services, including family disputes, workplace, commercial, civil, and employment. Such services comprise services and product disputes, tenant and landlord, etc.

Valuable Benefits of Mediation

When it comes to mediation’s benefits, the list is endless. Both individuals and businesses could surely take advantage of it especially if you don’t want to resolve a certain issue by spending tons of dollars. With better communication and comprehension, everything would turn out smoothly.

Voluntary process.

Mediation is a request from another party asking to attend and resolve the issue. You can either decline or accept.

Quick settlements.

Not like going to a court, you don’t have to wait for a year if a case is appealed. Mediation could resolve a current issue in just a few months or even less dependent on the situation.

Private and confidential.

The issues are just between the involved parties and the mediator. All information is bound by confidentiality.

Minimize stress.

Meditation gets rid of the physical and mental strain on individuals or businesses that a long court process gives. Hence, a great stress relief.

Preserve the relationship.

In mediation , there is neither protagonist nor antagonist.  Instead, a solution is developed based on both parties’ mutual interests.

Customized and broad agreements.

The participants can make a settlement according to their situation. Plus, mediated settlements address legal and extra-legal conflicts, often covering psychological and procedural issues.


Mediation is far cheap since you’ll spend time actively working to resolve the case instead of filing motions and other litigation requirements.

Satisfactory outcomes.

The mediation process is highly satisfactorily, as what mediation participants report. It is certain, inexpensive, and un-stressful.

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