Informal Financial Dispute Resolution

Informal Financial Dispute Resolution

If you are involved in any court case and you are sick of all the expenses and court proceedings, then it is seriously not necessary that you have to complete the whole procedure and wait to reach to a conclusion, rather you can opt for a better way of settlement. You can settle your case outside the court much before the last hearing with Financial Dispute Resolution and you can save your time and money.

Nowadays, the majority of people are following this procedure and going for an easier and more comfortable way of settlement.

The reason that people prefer this option is that the couple starts negotiating and reach an agreement with the help of their solicitors while the court proceeding keeps going simultaneously. Sometimes, the couples directly discuss and resolve the disputes and finalize the agreement on their own. In this way, people follow a two-track pathway. If the discussions and talks don’t make them reach the best possible solution, then the court hearings will go on and the judge will decide for them.

There is another reason too, for people following this approach and that is Financial Dispute Resolution appointment known as FDR appointment. In an FDR appointment, the judge will consider different evidence and all the documents and the lawyers of the respective parties will present their views about a comfortable settlement between the parties.

This helps in predicting the most likely outcome of all the proceedings and the hearings.

The success rate of the FDR hearings is very high, as a settlement can be reached in the most significant way, but there are challenges too:

* FDR occurs very late, i.e. after the beginning of the formal court hearings and till then, you have to pay the cost of all the legal work.
* Sometimes the judge and the court don’t have ample time to see an individual case and hence the matter is not taken seriously.
* The judge who is handling the FDR may not be an expert in family dispute cases.

At the mediation centre you will be able to attend an informal FDR or you can call it neutral evaluation. In this, an expert mediator is there who will handle the issue and thus concerns of both parties are heard and then an agreement is made. In some cases, the co-mediation model can be used. These mediators are called as dispute resolvers.

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